Please contact me if you are interested in any of the following workshops 


November  4th, 11th, & 18th     MULTI MEDIUM COACHING     1-4pm

     I will work with artists at all levels and save them hours of painting time trying to solve problems on their own.  Receiving coaching allows artists to advance quicker.  I will give honest critiques and advice to individuals.  Mini demos will be given that will benefit everyone.  There is a minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 participants.  $40 for per day

August 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th      MIXED MEDIA      9:30-12:30pm 

     Mixed media art refers to the use of multiple creative mediums to create an artwork consisting of two or more forms.  It allows artists to pour their creativity into different mediums and methods to express the boldness and boundlessness of art.  Each class will explore different uses of mixed media.  Each student will complete a project during each class period.  $40 per class

July 8th, 15th & 22nd      PASTEL MADE EASY       9:30-12:30pm 

     A good painting starts with some planning, but if you’re like me, you are impatient to get to painting.  My plan is to simplify art fundamentals for you and have you creating beautiful pastels in no time!  $120 for 3 sessions


March 2nd  10:-4pm        EXPLORING ACRYLICS

     Explore the many ways to use acrylic paints.  In this workshop we will use both liquid and heavy body acrylics.  Participants will  experiment laying on acrylics with brushes, palette knives, sponges and spattering.  Acrylics are a very versatile medium and can be used much like oil paints, inks, and/or watercolors if desired.  They are also great for mixed media.  This workshop is for beginners as well as accomplished artists.  Participants are encouraged to bring something they’d like to work on.  Come have a good time and feed off the energy of others.  Drinks & snacks provided.  Bring lunch or enjoy one of the nearby restaurants.  $60


May 24th  10:00-1pm      MINI WATERCOLORS

    Remember when Summer meant it was time to play?  Have your watercolor pieces been getting too tight and lackluster?  Come and learn a technique to help you loosen up and have fun while producing some one-of-a-kind small watercolors that can be used for special cards, inspiration for larger pieces or framed as mini Masterpieces.  $30  drinks & snacks provided $30



March 11th   7-10pm   SIP & PAINT  BEGINNING WATERCOLOR​  

Come learn how to paint with watercolor in a fun and easy way.  I will demonstrate a variety of techniques and lead participants through the painting of a winter scene.  In addition we will do some quick and easy floral compositions.  All materials and wine included.  $35


April 16th  9-4pm  Mementos, Memory, and Meaning in Mixed Media at the  Huntington Beach Art League $75.  See Flyer


​June 4th & 25th   9:30-4:30pm   COLLAGE ON CANVAS ​  

Come design unique creations on canvas using collage papers, paints, stamps, and ink.  All materials will be provided plus drinks and snacks.  Bring lunch or enjoy one of the nearby restaurants.  One day $75 or both days for $130

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June  20th-27th    1-4pm    UNLOCKING CREATIVITY    

Participants will explore their  hidden creativity using a variety of materials.  I will demonstrate how to make quick backgrounds, creative color selections, combining pictures, stamping & stenciling, painting, and collaging in hard bound journals.  All materials are included.   $30       

July  18th     10-1pm          PAPERMAKING

Participants will be shown how to make beautiful paper from scrap paper and plant materials that can later be used for other creative projects.  All materials are included.  $30      


July  27th    10am-1pm    HANDMADE NOTECARDS   

Participants will be shown how to design and make note cards using handmade papers, printed paper, stencils, stamps, watercolor crayons, and more.  All Materials are included.  $30 

October  7th   9th-10pm     SIP & COLLAGE   

Come spend an enjoyable evening sipping on some wine while collaging along with me using paper and ink on canvas.  The selected collage is a brightly colored floral.  All materials and wine included.  $35


October  31st   10am-1pm    CARD MAKING FOR THE HOLIDAYS   

Participants will be shown how to design a holiday card and be able to hand-print multiple copies.  I will also review many of the card making techniques from the July 27th workshop for those who would also like to make other cards.  All materials included.  $30


November  7th   1-4pm     BEGINNING WATERCOLOR--Winter Scene   

I will introduce various properties and techniques of  watercolor before leading the participants step-by-step through the process of painting a beautiful winter scene.  All materials included.  $30

November  13th   7-10pm     SIP & PAINT   

Come spend an enjoyable evening sipping on some wine and learning how to use acrylic paints.  Participants will paint the same scene on canvas as I lead them step-by-step through the process.  All materials and wine are included.  $35

November  21st   10am-1pm    PAPERMAKING   

Participants will be shown how to make beautiful paper from scrap paper and plant materials that can later be used for other creative projects.  All materials included.  $30

December  5th, 12th, & 19th   10am-1pm    OPEN STUDIO   

I will open my studio up for any fellow artists who would like to spend time creating their own artwork.  I will give guidance when needed and have materials on hand for participants use.  $20